Monday, June 9, 2014

Hordeolum Eyelid Lump: What is It?

“Eyelid lumps and bumps are something we see patients for Alabama Eye & Cataract Center on a pretty frequent basis,” remarked Birmingham Ophthalmologist Tyler Hall, M.D. One type of common eyelid problems is called a Hordeolum. Hordeolum is a painful inflammation of the eyelid caused because a lump forms in the oil glands of the eyelid and swells, forming a tender bump. Most of the time, the infected lump drains and heals on its own, without treatment. Other times, the infection spreads, clogging other glands and becomes more difficult to get rid of.

Where can a Hordeolum form? The bacterial infection can occur on the inside of the eyelid, known as an internal Hordeolum. However, the infection can also occur on the outside of your eyelid, near the eyelashes and when that happens, it is known as a stye. Unfortunately, Hordeolum also can be acute and appear suddenly and heal in a short time, or be chronic in nature and long lasting. What can you do to get rid of a Hordeolum? Common treatments for Hordeolum include warm compresses applied at home, prescription and non prescription lid scrubs, antibiotics, steroids, lid massages and others types of treatment.

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