Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cataract Evaluations-What to Expect

If you are considering cataract surgery at Alabama Eye and Cataract Center, you will undergo a series of special testing to evaluate your eyes. Patients scheduled for a cataract evaluation can expect a multitude of tests to determine exactly which intraocular lens will best suit their needs. Today’s more advanced intraocular lens technology gives the patient the option to choose between the correction of astigmatism and/or presbyopia allowing patients to see both distance and near without the aid of glasses or contact lens. Careful screening of patients is necessary to determine the best choice of lens.

It is important for Dr. Michelson to understand the patient’s personal goals for vision correction; just exactly what do they expect after the cataract surgery? People have different visual demands for their jobs, retirement, or leisure. While many are encumbered with long hours of computer work and extensive reading, others enjoy fine craftwork, reading the newspaper, or competing in sports. All require different levels of sight. Designing your vision following cataract surgery and choosing the right implant for your needs requires thorough evaluation and analysis to assist you with your desired goals.

Cataract testing will include:

1. Visual acuity testing distance and near
2. Refraction
3. Contrast/Glare sensitivity
4. Keratometry
5. Topography analysis
6. Pentacam analysis
7. Lenstar optical biometry or immersion biometry (A-scan)
8. Slit lamp exam
9. Dilated fundus exam

Once your eye exam is completed by the doctor, he or she will discuss your options. Together, you will plan the next steps to achieve your goal for your best vision.