Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eye Tests: Don’t be Intimidated

Many patients are nervous about going to the doctor, even for a routine check-up. Some fear that a disease or untreatable problem may be discovered. Rest assured, you will be made to feel comfortable and at ease during your eye exam by the physicians and staff at Alabama Eye and Cataract Center located at UAB Highlands! A comprehensive eye exam will provide accurate and detailed information about your eyes with a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Dr. Michelson utilizes the most advanced and reliable equipment and techniques available today. Just as you see the world with your eyes, we can capture detailed information about your eyes to evaluate and diagnose many eye conditions. Advanced optical cameras, like the Oculus Pentacam, allow us to analyze your cornea or cataract, if one is present. The topographer is another camera that maps out the surface of the cornea, identifying any astigmatism or aberrations that are present. These devices are utilized to help choose a lens implant when considering cataract surgery. Glaucoma no longer involves a fist-clenching puff to the eye, but rather a light being shined into the eye, while the patient sits relaxed. We have even had patients say that the visual field test is like playing a game! These are all non-invasive tests that deliver remarkable results.

Dr. Michelson and his staff will determine the necessary evaluations for your condition, and make sure that you are smiling through it all! You can be at ease knowing the dedication we have to our patients, and the confidence we have in our practices.