Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do Cataracts come back?

Once a Cataract is removed it cannot come back. But sometimes there can be a clouding of vision after Cataract Surgery that can give patients the impression that a Cataract has “regrown”. The crystalline lens of the eye is where a Cataract forms. The crystalline lens has a soft protein center and is surrounded by a capsule. A Cataract forms because the protein becomes cloudy. During Cataract Surgery Dr. Michelson uses microscopic instruments to break up and remove the cloudy material as this is what blurs your vision. However, Dr. Michelson usually leaves the “capsule” in place and will actually place the intraocular lens implant (IOL) to correct your vision, inside the capsule. In some patients the capsule become “opacified”-called “posterior capsular opacification”- sometime after surgery leaving the patient’s vision cloudy and often with glare sensitivity, much like the symptoms they had from the Cataract. Fortunately, Dr. Michelson can use a YAG Laser to quickly, safely and effectively create an opening in the capsule along the visual axis which restores the vision almost instantly. This procedure called a “YAG Capsulotomy” takes only a few minutes and is performed using simple eye drop anesthesia without discomfort.

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