Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iPhone App for Glaucoma Eye Drops

Tyler Hall, M.D.
Alabama Cataract Surgeon

Alabama Eye & Cataract Center Ophthalmologist Tyler Hall, M.D. alerted us to the availability of an iPhone app for helping patients with their glaucoma eye drops and medications. “It is really critical that glaucoma patients remember to use their glaucoma eye drops and other medications as we prescribe them,” said Dr. Hall. “The free smartphone EyeDROPS app should help us get better patient compliance and consistency with their glaucoma medications and thus hopefully better control of the eye disease.”
The EyeDROPS app prompts users to enter information about the eye drops they are taking, including dosages and schedules. The app then alerts patients via their phones when it’s time to put in their eye drops. The app keeps a record of medication usage and informs the patient of the next scheduled dosing time. The free EyeDROPS app even allows patients to take a photo of each bottle to avoid confusion when taking more than one kind of eye drop. The EyeDROPS app is available for Android phones through Google Play and for the Apple iPhone through the App Store. “Early detection, diagnosis and consistent treatment is the name of the game in preventing vision loss from glaucoma,” said Dr. Hall.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about glaucoma, needs a glaucoma eye exam or wants additional information on the free EyeDROPS, please call Alabama Eye & Cataract Center in Birmingham at 205-930-0930, visit Alabama Eye & Cataract Center or facebook.com/michelsonlaservision.

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