Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cataract Surgery Recovery: What You Can Expect

Alabama Eye & Cataract Center patients considering cataract surgery will be pleased when they learn what to expect from their cataract surgery recovery in terms of comfort and vision. Birmingham Cataract Surgeon Tyler Hall, M.D. shared information about patient expectations of cataract surgery recovery. “At Alabama Eye & Cataract Center we typically perform cataract surgery and lens implant operations using a very tiny incision, with no needles and usually only eye drops for anesthesia,” explained Dr. Hall. “For the great majority of our patients the postoperative course is very comfortable and unremarkable. Most patients don't require pain medications and at most have a slight foreign body feeling from the incision which usually clears in a few hours. The vision the next day can range from being excellent or at times a bit cloudy, depending on the amount of residual swelling in the cornea. Patients with mild cataracts generally have very little swelling. Very dense cataracts require more energy from the microscopic instruments we use to remove the cataract this can produce a bit more swelling in the cornea which usually clears quickly so that most patients see quite well in a few days,” Dr. Hall further explained. “Depending on the type of lens implant you choose to correct you vision there may be a little adaptation. For example, if you have had a near vision presbyopia correcting multifocal lens implant there may be re-learning of how to see far and near. Most patients adapt pretty quickly.”

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