Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eye Cosmetic & Makeup Tips for Eye Health

Eye makeup is very popular. But, unfortunately we often see careless handling and application of eye cosmetics that leads to infection or other eye problems. Safe use of eye makeup is important. Here are some common sense tips to know before using eye makeup that can help you maintain eye health:
·       Always wash hands before applying cosmetics.
·       Toss eye makeup after using it for several months, since bacteria and fungi can grow quickly in the tubes and containers and multiply within a few months. These germs can irritate and damage the eyes.
·       When opening new packages of eye makeup, use a permanent marker to write the date on the container to help you remember when the products were first used.
·       Use only eye cosmetics on the eyes-not cosmetics formulated for other facial areas. Always apply makeup with clean brushes and sponges.
·       Never apply cosmetics to the inner eyelid as this may irritate or inflame the eyelids and sensitive tissue around the eyes.
·       Don’t share cosmetics with other family members or friends.
·       Avoid permanent coloring and dyes for eyelashes, which can damage eyes if not used correctly.
·       Don’t use eye cosmetics if your eyes are irritated or infected.
·       Avoid using eye makeup products that are glittery or shiny, as they may include ingredients that contain fine particles that can irritate your eyes.
·       Before going to sleep, always gently wash off all cosmetics and brush a clean cotton swab along the eyelashes to remove makeup deposits.

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