Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eyeliner Tips for Healthy Eyes

Eyeliner can be applied to create a new look, or enhance natural eye appearance. But our eye doctors want to share some tips and alert eyeliner wearer to watch when and where eyeliner is applied. Three tips for safe application:

When To Apply-If you’re running late to work, school or an appointment, you may be tempted to grab your makeup and apply it in the car. But don’t use eyeliner when the car is moving, you could injure or poke your eye. A better idea is to wait until you are safely parked.
Keep It Clean-Eyeliner pencils periodically need sharpening for easy application. Use a makeup sharpener, not a kitchen or pocket knife, or a sharpener used for pencils or crayons. Prevent spreading germs to your eyes by washing your hands before using eyeliner, and don’t borrow or share eyeliner products with others. This includes liquid and cream eyeliners as well.
Watch The Location-Applying eyeliner along the inside edge of the eyelid, called the waterline, can enhance the look of your eyes. But it also may increase the risk for contamination and vision problems. Studies show that flecks from eyeliner, especially those with glitter, may drop into the eye and collect in tear film. Vision may become blurry, and eyes may become red and irritated. A bacterial infection also may develop. This is a problem, especially for those who wear contacts or have dry, sensitive eyes.

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