Monday, January 22, 2018

Cataract Patient Story


My name is John T. Crowder. Approximately one year ago I had the Symfony multifocal lens implanted in both eyes, about one month apart. Now, at age 70 I can see as well as I could when I was 40.  I was just frustrated trying to keep up with reading glasses and could also tell that my distance vision was fading, although I didn't have cataracts. Now I can see extremely well at a distance and can text, use my computer and see almost anything without any kind of glasses. The only time I ever need "cheaters" is when reading small print at night with artificial lighting. I had some night glare and concentric circles around lights but that has faded away and I have absolutely no problems driving at night.

I am very active and spend several days a week in the woods and often running heavy equipment. What a pleasure being able to see all around the equipment and then glance down at the gauges instantly with no glasses. This surgery has truly been a panacea for me and has taken a lot of frustration out of my life.  Most importantly I can see the things I love most, like my great grandson Samuel sitting here beside me.

I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Dr. Marc Michaelson and his staff. They are extremely talented and professional. The procedure was painless and quick.

John T. Crowder

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