Sunday, August 5, 2018

LASIK & Soft Contact Lens Vision

Vision with Laser Vision Correction after Wearing Soft Contacts
If you wear soft contact lenses and been thinking about LASIK you know the benefit of not having to wear eyeglasses for seeing clearly at distance. But, you may wonder how well LASIK will correct your vision. Another common question is how long you may have to go without wearing your contacts before you can have LASIK, and will that change your results.  A recent
Study reported in the journal of the British Contact Lens Association, Contact Lenses & Anterior Eye compared the vision results of soft contact lens wearers with both LASIK and PRK among groups of people who had stopped wearing their soft contacts for 2 weeks before their laser vision correction, others 24 hours before laser vision correction and those who didn’t wear contact lenses at all prior to laser vision correction.

Results of Laser Vision Correction Compared to Soft Contact Lenses
The patients who had stopped wearing their contacts 2 weeks before having laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness, vision without glasses was significantly better at one month, and at six months after having laser vision correction was even better than those who had never worn contacts, but only glasses!

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