Sunday, September 23, 2018

Energy Drinks, Eye Problems & Vision Loss

Energy drinks that contain very large quantities of stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and others are often consumed by both adults and even teenagers looking for that extra energy boost. There have been concerns about and reports of headaches, blood pressure spikes, neurological and heart problems with the consumption of these drinks. Now we have seen that energy drinks may also cause retinal hemorrhages and vision loss and want to caution patients who consume them to be aware of the potential risks. A recent report cites the case of a 48 year old gentleman who had high blood pressure and consumed several cans of energy drinks. A short time later he presented in the emergency room with very high blood pressure, a very fast heart rate and a sudden loss of vision. He was examined and found to have hemorrhages within his retina that lead to his sudden vision loss. It is clear that for some people consuming energy drinks might be acceptable and even useful but for others the risks may not be worthwhile.

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