Sunday, March 31, 2019

Dry Eye after Cataract Surgery

We perform cataract surgery and lens implantation for more and more patients each year as cataracts continue to be a leading cause of decreased vision, especially in seniors. Also very common in the same age group of patients is dry eye which can be caused by ocular surface disease, eyelid problems such as meibomian gland disease and blepharitis, taking certain medications and many other systemic conditions. When cataracts progress and blur vision enough to interfere with convenience and safety of your daily activities, cataract surgery can be performed to significantly improve your vision and comfort. We expect, and it is normal, sometimes for postoperative cataract surgery patients to complain of dry eye symptoms.  These symptoms may include a dry, foreign body sensation and fluctuating blurriness if the tears are inadequate or unstable. From our experience, often patients may blame the cataract surgery for the apparently “new” development of dry eye symptoms.  Patients generally do not realize that their dry eye problem stems from pre-existing ocular surface disease or other causes rather than the cataract surgery itself.  Patients who experience dry eye symptoms after cataract surgery should be reassured that their symptoms will diminishes over time, and there are multiple treatment options available to help reduce any discomfort from the dry eye condition. Both prescription and nonprescription eye drops as well as other treatment options may be necessary.

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