Monday, August 10, 2020

Contact Lenses for Itchy Eyes


Eye allergies and itchy eyes are quite common. Many prescription and over the counter eye drops are helpful for symptomatic relief of itchy eyes on a temporary basis. Typically allergy sufferers must remove their contact lenses and even discontinue them during the peak seasonal allergy periods. Recently, a study was undertaken to determine the possibility of using a contact lens as a drug delivery system for eye allergy medication. The study was reported in the Cornea Journal in which etafilcon A (Acuvue 2) contact lenses were loaded with ketotifen-an antihistamine-to determine whether itchy eye relief could be achieved while correcting vision. The study concluded that effective ocular allergy treatment could be achieved with this antihistamine-contact lens delivery system and offers potential for contact lens wearers suffering from ocular allergies.

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