Friday, November 27, 2020

Eva Shares Her Cataract Story

"I have been seeing Dr. Marc Michelson for eye care for about 35 years. Dr Michelson provided me with good vision when neither glasses nor contacts would work. He corrected my nearsightedness with refractive surgeries before the LASIK procedure was approved by the FDA and I was one of his patients in his study for FDA approval of the procedure. The result of his efforts have been nothing short of miraculous for me. I went from struggling as a trainee in a profession that required a tremendous amount of reading and visual observation to reaching each goal efficiently and having a successful career. More recently, I have required cataract surgery. Dr Michelson performed cataract surgery in my left eye yesterday. As usual the results are amazing. My next day post-surgery recheck this morning revealed that I had 20/30 vision and it is expected to improve significantly more in the next few weeks. I did feel pressure on my eye, but no pain, during the procedure. I will have Dr. Michelson take care of the cataract in my other eye without hesitation. I cannot say enough good things about Alabama Eye and Cataract Center. The nurses assistants and office staff are excellent.”-Eva 

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