Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cataract Surgery & Lens Implants: When Can I Exercise?

Patients having cataract surgery and lens implants at Alabama Eye & Cataract Center often are concerned about when they can exercise after their eye surgery. Birmingham Cataract Doctors reviewed guidelines for resuming exercise after cataract surgery and lens implants. “Our cataract surgery and lens implant operation allows for a quick practical and visual recovery,” stated Tyler Hall, M.D., a Cataract & Cornea Specialist. “This is important to so many patients-especially as they want to be able to resume their daily activities and lifestyle quickly. One area we always discuss with patients is how long they need to wait or restrict their exercise routine,” Dr. Hall further explained. “Certainly exercise guidelines may vary slightly depending on your cataract surgeon and on the specific details of your cataract surgery, but in general within 24 to 48 hours you should be able to do light walking. Avoid any heavy lifting or bending from the waist to get objects from the floor until you get approval to do so from your cataract surgeon. Swimming and water activities should be avoided for at least the first week after surgery because getting water in your eyes could increase the risk for infection. However, most patients are completely back to their exercise routines within one month after surgery.”

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