Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cataract Surgery: What if You Wait Too Long?

The specialist eye doctors at Alabama Eye & Cataract Center shared information about waiting too long to have cataract surgery. ‘I always explain to patients that the decision of when to have a cataract removed and replaced with lens implants is really a very personal decision,” said Birmingham Cataract Surgeon & Corneal Specialist Marc Michelson, M.D. “Some of my cataract patients are just not comfortable with the slightest degree of blurry vision or glare sensitivity. Yet, others surprise me with how tolerant they are. So, I generally tell patients that their cataracts should be removed when they feel that they have visual discomfort or inconvenience-or if they have any safety issues with navigating each day’s activities with confidence,” Dr Michelson explained.

What patients should know though is that waiting too long for cataract surgery can result is some unintended consequences and possible risks. “For example, as a cataract matures, it does become denser and somewhat more difficult to remove. This requires more energy to be delivered through the microscopic instruments we use to remove the cataract and may lead to prolonged inflammation or even intraoperative complications,” stated Dr. Michelson.  “For certain we don’t want the cataract to become so dense, swollen and cloudy that it causes a type of glaucoma or impair our view of the retina,” Dr. Michelson stressed. “In these instances your cataract surgeon is likely to recommend proceeding with cataract removal even though you may not think you are quite ready.”

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